Who is a Super Affiliate:

A Super Affiliate is by having effective affiliate marketing programs, a leading affiliate who is at the acme of their occupation at the affiliate marketing industry and climbs above and beyond.

They generate the largest percentage of the gains of an affiliate program.
These are the top-earning affiliate marketers.

A super affiliate worth is almost immeasurable which gives them more energy.
Because their value is recognized by merchants they can require higher commissions of affiliate programs, as well as custom prices.

And if they pick a merchant isn’t giving them enough, they can easily walk off knowing the other merchant will be glad to use them.

A wealthy affiliate is really”living the dream” — creating a significant living from their passive income.
That income is a benefit that is huge, and that’s the flexibility that comes from not having to have a 9 to 5 daily job. Now Let’s get started with the 10 Tips to Super Affiliate Marketing form Bangladesh or anywhere around the world.


1. Never Become Fully Satisfied with Your Progress

Never Become Fully Satisfied with Your Progress

We seek full satisfaction in any work so that we can sit back with full relaxation. So we don’t have to worry about anything in life. But this kind of attitude creates barriers to our progress. Because success requires lots of hard work which will definitely stress you out.

We all know the fabled story about the race competition of the arrogant rabbit and modest turtle. In that race, the rabbit got very arrogant when he reached close to the finish line. Then he started relaxing thinking that he was so fast to reach the finish line quickly. And the turtle could never reach that far. So the rabbit became fully satisfied.
He started for a nap. But this tilted over his plan. The turtle crossed over the sleeping rabbit. As the rabbit was sleeping like a pig, so he couldn’t notice when the turtle passed him, reached the finish line, and won the competition. The rabbit paused his hard work whereas the turtle never stopped but moved slowly but consistently.

So to become a SUPER AFFILIATE you need to work continuously. It takes a lot of effort to reach that certain stage where you sit back and watch the income flow in.


2. Watch Others and Try to Learn from Them

Watch & Learn from Experts

When we intend to do something new; like starting a new business in life, then we should not just jump onto it. At first, we should follow their footsteps who already achieved success on that path. Because they know what occurs failure and which process could take you to the pinnacle of success.

So spend some time to learn from these Big Daddies. It won’t be a waste of your time. And during this period, don’t listen to the nay Sayers; who are always available as a helpline to demoralize you, demotivate you.

Because when you’re going to start any new venture you will always find yourself alone. As if like you’re the only one who is seeing profit out of it. So keep working, Don’t you dare stop.

Do try meeting successful affiliate marketers in-person. But if you do not find such an opportunity then try searching for e-books, webinars, podcasts, or digital courses of affiliate marketers who just didn’t receive success in their career but also you are inspired by him.


3. Have a Financial Budget for Investment

Invest Financial Budget

To achieve your affiliate marketing goal you need to maintain a monthly financial budget in your expenditure. As you might have to purchase some premium monthly subscriptions for various tools that will help you to build a successful online business platform.

Sometimes you might have to spend on advertising campaigns as well. And during your work, if you explore that you’re not being able to complete a task by yourself, then you have to order freelance service for that.
So if these expenses reside in your “Later Book”, then you might not be able to establish your Affiliate Marketing business platform. Therefore start maintaining a monthly budget by adjusting your daily expenses.

Probably, you’ve to skip some additional expenses which are considered as luxury costs according to you. But then again, you’ll get to know that it was worth it!


4. Try Being Creative

Be Creative

Marketing or Advertising is a way of business that requires you to be innovative & resourceful both at the same time. And Affiliate Marketing is nothing different.

To beat the competitor you need to possess relevant skills as well as innovative nature in you.

Bear in mind that, being a successful rich affiliate is everybody’s dream. You must show that you possess everything to reach that point in life.

As Google is indexed with lots of review blogs & websites regularly, so you need to make sure that your product review stands out from others which will pull the consumers towards your site.

Present the same information in a newer angle to attract visitors to your website. And to keep up with this industry which is always changing to provide newer updates; here you have to be resourceful & innovative.

As what’s trendy today, it might not get valued tomorrow. So the key creative components to become a successful affiliate marketer are given below:

1. Innovative- to try newer things
2. Flexible- free enough to accept the newer things.


5. Enjoy Your Work !!!

Enjoy Work

You have to find joy in everything you are doing with any occupation. Otherwise, you won’t stay at that. Because internet marketing is an extremely self-motivated work. Enjoyment in mind is a qualification requirement for an affiliate marketer.

You will Definitely Give Up if you haven’t discovered a way to have fun when you’re in the learning process. Don’t be discouraged when you fail.

Consider it as having an exciting chance to learn from your own fault. You should have the zeal during the learning period. Get excited while Studying the industry. Always try to cop-up with the current trends & hi-techs of affiliate marketing.

Always be ready to accept the changes. Be passionate about learning new techniques. Grab every learning opportunity.

Try to gather knowledge from those who have already succeeded in this path before you. Discover the fire inside you for this affiliate marketing industry.


6. Find Your Favorite Niche

Favorite Niche

You won’t be able to work with satisfaction if you don’t like the niche for your affiliate marketing work. It’s as simple as that. Because if you don’t like the topic, then you will start entering the depression zone.

So the niche has to be within your interest area. If you like gardening then for that type of product or service for affiliate marketing.

Just don’t pick any category because it has a higher earning potentiality. Moving with such kind will end up earning nothing for you. So pick from your favorite niche to promote.


7. Make Sure Your Niche has Earning Potential

Earning Potentials

There are thousands of niche products available. But if you put your head into every niche you see in the line, then you won’t be earning anything at end of the day. I know whenever you enter any marketplace you are available with lots of attractive choices to pick from.

And from these bunch, it gets difficult for you to select the perfect product for yourself to promote. However, your perfect choice should focus on your interest; on your enjoyment.

If you are excited about SEO, then your choice of products or services should be surrounding SEO relevant choices. And obviously concentrate on the fact that your options have to earn potential as well.

So be very sure that your selected niche product or service has real good earning potentiality and it will be easy for you to earn from it.


8. Build Your Mailing List

Build Mailing List

Building an email list or what you call it email marketing; is online businesses inextricable body part. You can’t imagine maintaining a passive income from an internet business without building an email list even from Bangladesh.

Yes I know, this involves a monthly subscription fee as a cost but this won’t hold back your affiliate marketing business rather it will boost your income by gathering numerous guaranteed potential traffic.

And by time, this traffic will turn into your real customers, who will buy everything that you’ll promote. So consider building an email list related to your niche.

While selecting the email list building service do research on Google to find the best in business. For example, Aweber is a very good company too.

Because if you use Aweber as your email marketing, all your emails will be sent to people’s inbox, not in their spam folders. However, there are other companies that might charge you less but your emails will dump into the spam folders of your potential customers.

This won’t do any good to your affiliate marketing business from Bangladesh or anywhere around the globe. 

So do build your email list with a ranked company and consider planning a monthly fee in your business development budget for it.


9. Be Consistent Towards Your Work

Be Consistent

Let me tell you what will happen if you stay consistent in your work. One of your affiliate marketing businesses foundation is based on content marketing, which means you write content or articles to keep attracting new and old customers.

This leverages your brand image. Seeing something new from you after every few days builds everybody’s trust in you. Keep writing content in your blog for whatever reason it is; this increases the SEO of your website.

The level of traffic keeps increasing daily over search-engine. The more old your website or your affiliate marketing business gets the more brand image builds along the way.

And this brings you more profit which progressively makes a super affiliate marketer who is now selling high ticket products. Big brands will knock you to promote their stuff instead they will be willing to pay you big commissions voluntarily.

So being consistent towards your work is crucial to be a super affiliate from Bangladesh or anywhere around the world.


10. Just Don’t Stop Believing in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

You could ask me why I told you not to stop believing in yourself? Well by this statement I am telling you not to have doubt yourself. Because, after learning all the necessary steps and processes you just have started the work.

But unfortunately what happens is that people stop believing in themselves as it is an online work where you are seeing yourself working alone. No one to taunt you or let you feel that if you go slow there are competitors who will overpass you.

Though you are getting freedom in this kind of job this freedom turns into your point of depression. Well, it happens 6 out of 10 cases which is why not everyone is a millionaire by this work.

Let me tell you a secret, to earn a million dollars or 1 crore taka in my country Bangladesh with online business is easy as everything is there on the internet.

But sadly an armature can’t understand where to look, what to do, and how much to follow. This is why you need someone beside you all the way to your success. This person will guide you, help you to apprehend the ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘how much’.

In short, you need a mentor. So if you are from Bangladesh who wants to earn online then you can check out the link below where you can find the guideline for your online business.


Let’s conclude:

If you could have come till the end of this article then pat your shoulder once. Because this proves that you already have the very first necessary skill to be a Super Affiliate Marketer which is PATIENCE.

Yes if you don’t have the stamina to read a big article (though mine is an average one), then how will you be able to learn about this big industry. Look, if someone writes 2000 words content daily then he/she must read several words to do research to even jot down points for it. So reading is a must.

You have to start grilling your reading skill which will allow you to think like a super affiliate marketer. Now if you are really interested to start an online business from Bangladesh then you must check out the link below-


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