“You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.”

Annie Proulx

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

Thomas Mann (Essays of Three Decades)

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

“A word after a word after a word is power.”

Margaret Atwood

“You can make anything by writing.”

C.S. Lewis

Ah! Quotes, inspirational, aren’t they?

Act like guidance! An illustration of an elusive bridge between the writing journey and the writer.

Now, you would say, you aren’t a writer, or your Writing is crap!

I wouldn’t rather say that.

On the contrary, you could think differently.

Because I believe you’re already a writer.

You disagree with me, right?

Then let me tell you, how?

A writer always puts their thoughts into text.

Therefore, you can put any of your thoughts on paper.

That’s how you start your writings.

Start using these technics listed below-

  • Write Emails
  • Post on Social Media
  • Message your Friends
  • Update your Résumé
  • Create Reports
  • Presentations
  • Making Newsletters

You’re writing these ways.

You just need to polish your work with ink, that’s all.

A lot of people find writing as a tyrannical matter which is why, all the top-notch authors experience the same anxiety level, when they write something for the first time.

Becoming a better writer takes lots of practice.

So let’s do this.

You scroll down a few pages, then fill them with alphabets, and learn how to be a fantastic writer?

Your writing will be remarkable and smashing at times if you follow some writing discipline.

Clear concept drives towards destination path

A clear result comes with a clear conception.

This is why, You must have a clear concept while writing something.

Your Writing should be as easy and enjoyable as if any child read your topic, can appreciate your thoughts comfortably.

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Albert Einstein

In our heads, we all have a little boy or girl.

Anyone will be able to penetrate it if that boy or girl could understand your thinking.

So, having a clear concept in mind and using flexible words will make you a fluent writer.

A complex topic, mark spot key points, strategies

To any writer, it’s always been a big challenge, writing something about any topic, from a blank page to an entirely composed one.

It’s a mystery! Isn’t it?

What can you do to kick out the blank page emptiness fear?

Let’s see! Solving this mystery and marking out spot key points helps develop a solid composing plan in mind.

Composing an average topic doesn’t need lots of thoughts written in a paper.

But if you’re willing to write a more complex issue, which might propose different angles of views, requests, and questions, you need to mark up your key points and make some quick notes to cover up the whole idea.

For example, split your ideas’ outlines into topic-wise sections, like a map route, when you’re writing something.

It will not only save time, articulate thinking strategies, provide clear answers to questions, requests but also makes your composition fantastic content.

Consider writing key points likewise

At first:Who, When, What, Where, Why, How ” then,

Step-1: Introduce a heading and its principal discussion (tone, style, messages, examples).

Step-2: Point-wise detail discussions, some example ideas (written, videos, visuals, strategy, goals, overall messages).

Step-3: Several ideas examples to get a clear understanding.

End step: Overall discussion’s point-wise summary lines or the final climax of your written storyline.

A prophecy on probable queries

If you believe that your Writing will generate many interactions, you might want to add valuable prophesies to your topic’s probable queries, like FAQ.

In short, your readers will find their triggered questions that have been answered well in advance.

Writing should be like a smoothie

Imagine you’re having a nice mug of smoothie.

But somehow, one of its ingredients got an imbalance mixing in it.

How does it feel?

Your mood might not swing with the temptation of its deliciousness!

And it has the possibility that you may discontinue drinking!

A complete waste.

Likewise, if the Writing has over explanations of everything, your readers might lose interest in continuing reading it.

So, your communication with your readers should be simple, like a proper mixture of delicious smoothies.

Casual Writing implies a better impression

Whenever we see textbook format writings, it becomes hard to realize the topic.

But casual style writing always eases our grasp; it feels more like two people are chatting with each other, the writer and the reader.

So, practicing conversation style writing improves your skills and creates a better impression between the readers and yourself.

Writing becomes a brand – spelling, and grammar are kings

A breathtaking content means it has the effective use of grammar tactics and accurate spelling.

Master up the writing skills, grammar, and spelling act as kings.

So, it is essential to picture up the grammar and spelling in mind.

Focusing on these two brand things in Writing, your content, story, thesis, presentation, marketing talk will become a branded content.

The Elements of Style, a book by Strunk and White, online sites like Grammar GirlMerriam Webster might be a great help on your writing journey.

Grammar Suggestive

Uses of simple words, simple sentences, phrase prepositions, adverbs, constructions, filler words, and phrases.

Simple words create magnificent sentences

A good combination of words creates a sentence.

With sentences, we express our thoughts, feelings to one another in any language.

So, without words, we are empty.

We don’t always need to use lavish word stocks in our sentences.

Easy words make good communication.

Nevertheless, we want to be poets / philosophers / teachers or any other particular criteria that’s another matter.

In the language of bestselling author John GrishamWords can be measured in three ways

  1. Words that we know,
  2. Words that we should knowand
  3. Words that know no one.

Now, think about it, if we go with Category- 3 – what type of relationship might grow between the readers and the writer.

In Category- 2 many communication restrictions generate.

And Category- 1 – wins maximum readers’ hearts.

So, we should use topic and straightforward words in our sentences.

Simple sentences are impressive

The greatest geniuses’ writings are like precious emeralds.

Take a glimpse at some of the famous quotes:

“All that glitters is not gold.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Now is the winter of our discontent.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

These violent delights have violent ends…

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

A plague o’ both your houses!”

William Shakespeare (English playwright)

More fabulous writers like him:

Russian Writer- Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (Leo Tolstoy).

Russian American Novelist- Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov (pen name Vladimir Sirin).

American Writer- William Cuthbert Faulkner.

In literature, there are no specific rules that we can’t write this or that.

Writings are like ocean waves, and we can’t limit or bound them in a tiny space.

It doesn’t mean that our start-up writings should be competitive like the standards of the famous writers’.

Using simple and less complex sentences creates fluency between the Writing and the reading.

And doing such variations in Writing not only expresses our thoughts fabulously but also becomes an impressive standout.

Smart uses of phrase preposition

Sometimes in Writing, we need to express many things in one place.

However, the use of phrase preposition comes there in between.

Many a time, we use these phrase prepositions to cover up a message.

But, in terms of clarity, sometimes these phrase preposition makes the message very complicated, and many readers find it hard to understand.

So, smartly use the phrase prepositions in your sentences.

And write a clear, understandable message for the readers.

It will be very much appreciable.

Examples of Phrase Prepositions
Weak word choices with Adverbs

Those adverbs which end with- “ ly ” sometimes modify the verbs and the adjectives too.

It’s nice to use them in your sentence once.

But if your word choices are weak, you may find yourself using such adverbs that end with- “ ly ” more often.

Examples of weak word choices with Adverbs

Use contractions

In English writing, people use conversation-type constructions.

Because it looks cool and it sounds nice.

If we use- We are, You are, They are, I am, That is, It is, Let us then they sound kind of stiff and formal in Writing.

Instead of these, if we use- We’re, You’re, They’re, I’m, That’s, It’s, Let’s then the Writing will be like more conversational types.


I am hoping you will finish the project by next week. Guessing it will be incredible work. And the presentation will be fabulous. So let us discuss the topic again; if it needs any corrections or any suggestions. There will be a lot of guests, and the auditorium will be jam-packed.

Now, we’ve used some contractions in this passage.

See how does it sound?

I’m hoping you’ll finish the project by next week. Guessing it’ll be incredible work. And the presentation will be fabulous. So Let’s discuss the topic again; if it needs any corrections or any suggestions. There’ll be a lot of guests, and the auditorium will be jam-packed.

The elimination of the filler words and phrases

Filler words and phrases are those words, which create even meanings sometimes or adds more colors to the sentence.

They shell out nothing but a messy massage.

We should avoid using such filler words and phrases in our sentences.

This way, our message will be nice and clear.

A journalist of yourself

Be a journalist of yourself to improve your conversational writing skills.

How? Well, here is a strange trick!

Imagine! You’re in a language classroom. The professor made paired groups and gave each different topic to converse with and record.

Your group catches the topic “solutions for global warming.”

It seems the topic glanced a fortune for your pair! And your team is very smart with it.

Your gossiping became so alive and fluent that it lasts till the bell of the class rings.

Meanwhile, the professor asked each team to submit a script of the given topic’s conversation between two people, analyzing from the recording, as an assignment for the following class.

You and your partner got your recording.

Now, what shall you do?

Listen to the conversation, catch up on every line, write them on paper. Then, dose up or deduct any incorrect commencing and ending.

Remove such words: “uh, like, you know, um, etc.” from the conversation.

Re-arrange the Writing using proper, standard grammar terms; make your draft an outstanding masterpiece.

Record your live conversation, understand the speaking terms correctly, and implement your words into writing format.

This transliterating process helps you learn what to write or not and develops your conversational writing skills.

In short, you’re transcribing yourself; and thruway, you become your journalist.

So, Go Ahead! Practice the trick.

Canvass your writing skills and fly to another level.

N.B.: In terms of learning, formerly record any conversation, please have consents from your partner/coworker.

Portrait yourself in Writing

The finest writers have their unique writing styles. It’s like they’re talking to the readers.

And it’s impressive.

How do they do it?

They express themselves in their Writing.

Can you do it too?

Yes, of course! Why not?

To express yourself in Writing, add your ideologies, senses of humor, opinions, use such dialects and expressions if they have appropriate reasons.

Above all, Writing should be more natural, human. It’ll make the Writing more proficient and exciting.

So, the best way to develop the most refined writing style is to portrait oneself in the Writing.

Reading has a strong bond with Writing

In the perspective of developing writing skills, reading helps us in two ways.

Reading increases the writing effort

How does it work?

The answer is straightforward.

Reading develops knowledge, and we can differentiate Writing Styles from Writer.

Learn about making different sentence structures, clever ideas of choosing words, different writing styles, and patterns, amplify the boundaries of thoughts, strengthen smart grammar uses, enhanced vocabularies, intelligent tricks-tips, and strategies, and eliminate writing mistakes, etc.

The top-level writers are constantly expanding their writing skills by reading a lot.

Different stories, literature books, blog posts, news, good scripts of documentaries, plays, movies (to realize casual and formal tone types of talking), etc., reading might help improve the writing skills.

In short, the more we read, the more we learn. Reading enhances our writing efforts and skills.

Readout loud to create signature writing

For example, you have written a paragraph. And it has a lot of sentences. Read them out loud. You may find the mistakes done. You may want to add or deduct some penalties to create an accurate impression to fix them up.

So, reading aloud means giving a proper revision to the Writing and making it a signature content.

The dictator of your Writing

Writings are your fellow citizens, and you’re the dictator.

Therefore, it’s upon you how you want to rule on them.

The famous writers are all dictators of their own. They dominate readers with their pleasant pieces of literature. They didn’t earn their dominating kingdom in a single day; it took a lot of struggle.

However, this dictatorship earned them fandom as their winning prize. Fans fall in love with their writings. And their kingdom is remembered from century to centuries.

These writing geniuses drove their Writing research so hard, sometimes even night overnights, they forgot to eat, sleep!

The cruel practice helped all the genius writers elevate their knowledge to the ultimate best level.

Now, do you want to scroll some pages with alphabets and flourish yourself as a marvelous writer?

Well, if you wish!

Then, practice writing a regular basis milestone of literature.

The pen & paper or digital texting or blogging will be like antibodies for your writings.

No worries! If readers bounce your posts.

Listen to the sound of your heart and continue articulating yourself flawlessly.

Be the dictator of your own, rule over the words, be beloved by the readers, and become a fantastic writer.

Criticism a blessing, an ally

How is criticism a blessing, an ally?

Assume that you are working in a digital marketing company. Let’s call it Brick Marketing.

The profile of the company stands number one in the industry.

You are one of their writers.

Likewise, your coworkers’ working the best and continue to maintain the company’s standard.

Who doesn’t want to be a better writer for a company or in life? Everyone does.

As of the charter, Writing is personal work.

But the best authors/writers are always very keen on using any feedback/criticism from coworkers/friends.

The criticism earns them popularity in their workspace.

There is no indignity to receive feedback from your coworker or friend (if they are willing to help).

Their criticism will be a blessing, an ally for your article.

It helps you spot out the mistakes which you may have ignored while writing.

Criticism engages you to be more active, helps you write a phenomenon article. And in time, it makes you an eminent author in the writing industry.

The essence of brainstorming energizes Writing & cultural confidence


Well, the heading gives that kind of feeling.

Let me guide you a bit. It’ll be clear.

Do you feel hesitations, standing upfront an audience, making a remarkable controlled speech, or writing on any random topic?

If not, then you may be a Super Dude!

But most people do have that reluctance.

It’s natural, nothing to be embarrassed off.

So, how to recover from this deficiency?

Join a suitable writing workshop or a class (day/night) or sites like blog LinkedIn or meetup etc.

Now the question comes why?

Here, you can pick any random topic session, meet with new guest writers, listen and share ideologies, strategies, receive and give feedback, experience miscellaneous communication skills, catch up with tips & tricks.

And most of all, you enjoy lots of fun.

Remember to improve writing skills- brainstorming has complete control over the 3R technique in ReviseRinse and Repeat.

So, joining such a workshop or class not only energizes your cultural confidence but also elevates the brainstorming skills of Writing.

Intimacy for the esteemed Writing and the imitation

In this criterion, we sliced up the heading into two appropriate categories to better understand how to mature a better writing skill.

Category (A)- The Intimacy

Have you ever thought of why you like your favorite writer’s Writing?

There’s always something in the Writing, which entices you to fall in love with it, isn’t it!

Maybe the sequences of the Actions, the touches of humor, the Romancing, the Suspense, the Spookiness, the Horrors, the Thrillers, the Comedies, the Adventures, the Dramas, etc.

What’s so tempting in the Writing which seduces your heart? No guesses!

Well, magnify an eye over your favorite writer’s blogs, books, stories, massages, etc. You’ll discover their unique writing styles with confident sentences, brilliant linguistic tackling, enormous phrases spinning, etc.

In short, your intimacies are the evolutions of the writer’s thoughts, where he turns a minor topic into a marvel.

Category (B)- The Imitation

A prompt denial– Imitation of any topic is the same as piracy (copyrighted content counted under plagiarism).

In terms of self-dignity, stealing any author’s idea isn’t a good deal.

If you like someone’s Writing, we recommend figure out how the author plays their dice or uses popular artistic references on a gasping topic; turns them into something exciting, humorous, and entertaining.

Winding up category A & B

In the commencing, to improve our Writing, we should imitate practicing; likewise, our favorite authors/writers do, the way they beautify stories in their writings.

And in time, we’ll develop our own unique and exciting style of writings.

To get support, you may want to scroll down the site Copyblogger, browse different writers: topics, stories, examples, and many more.

It’s a place to experience many creative writing styles & techniques.

Editing, the writing core engineer

This criterion can be split into two parts when it comes to improving writing skills.

(A) Strictest Criticizer

An extraordinary article signifies excellent choices of sentences, catches readers’ excitement within few lines.

Readers are always in a rush; editors do ruthless scissoring with the writings to continue reading.

Editing is a hard job; it takes lots of time and effort.

Edit writing is re-writing, most of the time.

Solid editing resembles the writer has broad governing and comprehensive dominion over the language, where he connects proper emotions within short massages.

Tighten up the grip and make yourself a wonderful criticizer.

Figure out where & what to do/not to do; based on necessity, re-write the entire chapter/topic.

Eliminate sentences like- confusing, repetitive in meanings, overly complex (which sounds more authoritative).

When you write shorter sentences with appropriate skillful emotions, it projects more significant influences on readers.

And your Writing becomes a precious emerald.

Be your own Writing’s strictest criticizer; it plays a significant role in the core engineering of Writing.

(B) The proofreader (Pro editor)

It’s always hard for any creative writer to proofread the Writing by any other writer.

There always comes the trust issue!

However, proofreading is helpful for Writing.

Thruway, you can figure out any mistakes, or your concept isn’t infusing properly in the writings.

A proofreader works as an Editor.

And best editors are those who help you understand how to inscribe something in Writing, the proper ways, the difference between sentences and their makings.

So, how you’re going to find a good editor for you?

If you don’t have any trust issues with your writing friends/coworkers/professor, ask them to help you.

Or, you may search for a pro editor through professional sites like FiverrUpworkTopWork, or any other freelancing websites of your choice, to get a precise proofread.

Not to be mentioned otherwise, for your content’s confidentiality, these sites take all kinds of responsibilities.

Developing enormous writing skills, a pro editor supports you on the way.

Therefore, being your strictest criticizer and getting significant support from pro editors work as the core engineering of any beautiful writing.

Oh! No, my draft a crap

Ask any top-level writers; they’ll say, “my first draft was a crap! Passed hard brainstorm times, did a load full of revisions, and then it ends with the awesomeness”.

Isn’t it obvious?

Every writer has to survey through this line of conduct at least once in a lifetime.

Get on the concern. No one makes the first jump.

Never feel embarrassed or inadequate; if you ended something on paper at your first attempt, comes out a crap!

To come up with a masterpiece of any work always takes lots of time, effort, and long-term patience.

It’s a process defined as iterative.

Get your thoughts down on paper in the primitive stage, refashion them rigidly, and organize them into a good scenario.

Those early days, a good remembrance

Haven’t you accomplished new achievements?

Haven’t you become a famous writer among the circles?

Aren’t your writings gradually getting more confidence and popularity around the globe?

Of course, they are!

You aren’t a newbie anymore.

And this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look back at your earlier days.

Please, do scroll eyes on your earlier works, see how far you have progressed.

Those silly mistakes, immature faulty sentences, different suggestions from friends, coworkers, teachers, readers have made your writing life memorable.

Remember back those writing days, how you’d passed your prolonged pressures, ethical, emotional moments.

Is it possible to describe your hard hours in one sentence?

Yes! You aren’t vulnerable anymore.

You have crossed over a long journey, and the power of your knowledge has become more confident rather than not confusing.

Review back your early days’ work time to times.

It’ll not only elevate your writing confidence but also inspire you to perform better and better.

Be inspired by your past.

Enjoy some celebrating moments, and congratulate yourself for your maneuver.

Sufficient research, a time saver

A better writer constantly samples their creative ideas into marvel.

Imitation, taking short passages helps a bit but not always.

Any innovative idea generation needs sufficient research.

Every argument has its fragrances.

When a specific subject needs to be composed, every pro writer fabricates it with their unique style, highlighting appropriate ideologies and examples.

Avoid copying and pasting if appropriate and necessary (please give credits to the original author).

Research keeps you busy brainstorming, helps you learn new sentence-making styles, teaches you new words: synonyms, antonyms, and how to apply them firmly in lines, etc.

Overall, the results are precise, you experience in detail knowledge of the subject, and in addition, your writing time decreases.

You get faster-satisfying responses from your readers, clients, customers, editors, big bosses.

Short passages are surrounded by laziness and cause you to fall in with big troubles (not to mention, only amateurs do it).

Always do proper homework before commencing your Writing. It improves the work better.

Therefore, sufficient researches not only help you become a pro writer and saves in all, big-time.

Burn engine a milestone, time never waits

Like tides, times never wait for any.

Ahead a long journey to pass, commence burning your writing engine right away.

Sum up the weaknesses, prevent the writing glitches, write a milestone of stories, edit, proofread, make it big with logic.

Confront yourself, never panic, cause no piece of work will ever be perfect!

Make yourself a writing addict; it’ll be easier and faster day by day and drive your knowledge up to new heights.

Keep an eye on the clock, ensure your writing race within the calendar’s deadlines.

Be confident in yourself and have respect for your Writing.

Give your writing time, and it’ll take you to your designated destination in return.

Time has given its blessings on you.

Start brainstorming, roll the ball of your pen or type some alphabets; make the blank paper a marvel content.


Yes, the word is practice!

It’s your flying carpet of potentials.

To improve writing skills, what blessings we earn

I understand that I can’t signify any particular points on improving my writing skills; many writers have written many different ideas.

There are no secret strategies.

We need to read a lot, practice writing on blank papers, and continue doing it.

In time, we’ll come out with our unique writing style.

The Almighty Creator created and made us unique individuals.

We are his followers, the creative writers, and the practice makes us knowledgeable and unique.

We respect all the writers with our heart because we are the creative geniuses; sent as a blessing of knowledge to the world, from The Divine, The Almighty Creator Himself.

To sum up our motivations, never give up or loose hope and continue practicing.