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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make – Fantastic Explanations

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You must be thinking of an Online Income. But not sure how do you do that?

Well, if you have some visual video skills, YouTube Channel might be an excellent choice for you among all other video-based platforms.

Yes, you can earn an income while uploading a rational number of quality skilled videos on YouTube and become a renowned YouTuber. You’ll be fascinated to know that there are a large number of Successful YouTubers, are earning a quality incoming sideways, and some of them are round the clockers’. We’ll advance you to some of the top YouTuber’s online adventures later on in this article.

At the top, we want you to be familiarized with the incoming streamlines of YouTube, how it works per individual.

Earning money through your YouTube channel depends on the Channel itself, its location, and investment of your focused timing in it. An average YouTube monetizing for 1000 views/ CPM (Cost Per Mille) ranges from 0.5 to 6 USD around basing your Channel’s location of viewers and Triggered Audience. Here numbers vary a lot, but almost every Channel gets about 0.5 USD per 1000 views.

To make an earning for a living on YouTube is not a cup of tea by getting only flexible active subscribers and viewers. Now, if you are interested to know how much a YouTuber makes, how they engage more people and earn a living on YouTube. Would you mind keeping reading this article because it has all the necessary potentials in it?

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make-Fantastic Explanations (Infographic)

Make money on YouTube:

To make YouTube Money, you’ll need to consider few things at first to get paid-

Figure out the Proper Niche:

A proper Niche will give you a strong following as an example: gamingcelebrity gossipsnewsproduct reviewscookinghow-to-demonstrations (any criteria)life hackspranks/spoofsfunny dramas, etc., or any other favorite niche of your choices.

Regular post:

Another strong theorem that helps you make $ from YouTube. You need to set a fixed schedule for your uploads; by this, your followers will know when new content is coming from you.

Example: every Friday at 6 PM or Fixing a Live YouTube premier.

Buy Proper Gear Essentials:

To become a successful YouTuber, you’ll need a couple of good gear essentials.

Such as HD Camera/CamerasMicrophoneLighting equipment/SoftboxHigh definition Laptop/Computersome good video editing software or any online editing software, etc.

Learn to edit:

Good videos can bring in exclusive viewers.

In an engaging topicimpressive visual effects can boost your videos into a quality YouTube ranked position.

If video editing isn’t your strong hand, you can try hiring a freelance designer or even watch some YouTube tutorials on how can you edit your videos?

YouTubers actual earning per view counts:

Research says YouTubers earn between $0.01 to $0.03 per view with AdSense, with an average of $0.18 per view.

Moreover,’s money pay scale follows some technical terms, such as:

  1. The count of views of uploaded videos
  2. Clicks count to an Ad
  3. Quality of the Ad
  4. Adblockers
  5. Video length

YouTubers earning every 1,000 views:

Forbes research says, for every 1000 video views, a Youtuber can earn up to $5, depending on their skills.

They also mentioned that creating a YouTube channel can be a great side hustle to produce engaging content that attracts a large audience.

YouTube’s pay rate floats between $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view on average.

So, a YouTuber can earn around $18 per 1,000 ad views.

Therefore the result comes out to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views.

YouTubers earning per subscriber:

The people who choose to monitor your account are called Subscribers. They can easily access your latest uploads.

In addition, your posted new videos automatically appear on your homepage.

If you think having a large number of Subscribers will influence YouTube to pay!

Well! Think again; they won’t.

The terms of YouTube money payment typically aren’t based on the number of subscribers you have on your Channel.

Subscribers are treasures.

They’re the ones who will mostly give commentslikes and shares your uploads with many people. It means you can receive more views, and if you place the suitable ads, you may undoubtedly get more YouTube Money.

So, YouTube does not pay you on the hinge of your Total Subscribers, but they do that based on total video views.

A YouTuber earns per video:

In research, Forbes says that a YouTube video can earn up to $5000 with 1,000,000 views as the basis on the pay scale of $5 per 1,000 views. Although, some YouTubers may earn more or less in the condition on the grade of the ad, click-through rate, & other components.

A YouTuber’s earnings per video depend on a variety of elements.

Such as, Video views number that they received & the number of Google ads shown right through their videos.

YouTube is also a fast-growing area.

In a study by e-Marketer, between 2019 & 2021, social video ad spending will increase up to 44%; to be mentioned, it is a $14.89 billion increase.

Video views that YouTubers need to get paid:

Your video views must reach the balance of $100 or more to get paid, YouTube rules. It means you’ll need to stack up around 20,000 views, as in you receive $5 per 1,000 views.

To get this, you will need to follow up the YouTube Partner Program, which will allow you to receive payments through advertisements on your Channel’s page.

In the YouTube Partners Program, there are some rules which you must follow:

  1. Your Channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers
  2. Your Channel must receive 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months
  3. You need to Sign Up and Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  4. Having an AdSense account, which is prior
  5. Your Channel must get reviewed and approved

When you’ve adopted the YouTube Partners Program, you are fully eligible to earn an income through advertisements.

The payment scheme applies in two ways:

  1. Cost Per Thousand views (CPM) – your earnings will be every 1,000 views you receive.
  2. Cost Per Click (CPC) – your earnings will be the people’s number who are clicking on the ad which you’ve placed on your Channel’s page or video.

Nevertheless, it would be best to keep in mind that Google will transfer you 68% of the profit when you display Ads with Google AdSense.

Here is a good instance, when your video produces around $1,000 via Google AdSense revenue, your earning value will be around $680.

The other allies from which YouTubers can earn:

Google AdSense Advertisement is not the only way for YouTubersother allies are available from where they can earn additional incomings.

YouTuber’s other doorstops for incoming are as follows-

  • Merchandise:

With a vast active followingYouTuber’s often originates their Channel’s brand outlets; they sell various things such as bagshatsshirts, and many other additions.

Suppose you follow up any popular gamer/any day-to-day vlogger. In that case, you might have observed that they’ve channeled up an online shop where their devoted fans can purchase different wardrobes and other accessories as well.

  • Sponsorship:

Famous YouTubers also earn through Brand Sponsorships.

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users & 1 billion hours of watching per day. Thus it’s the broadly used video viewing platform nowadays.

If you’re an enormous YouTuber with a substantial audience, then various business empires might want to be a partner with you.

You’ll be fascinated to know many brands willingly sponsor YouTubers to review/promote their merchandise and increase sales.

  • Affiliate links:

If you have seen such YouTuber’s channels where they review products of their favorite brands, you’ve experienced Affiliate Links.

So, it works?

When a YouTuber gives a review or mentions a product, its pros, and cons, they also post the product’s Affiliate Links into their Channel’s video descriptions.

So that any viewer can click on the link and go directly to the product’s online shop for purchasing.

Example: reviews of any makeup product, any service, marketing software, computer accessories, etc. When a viewer clicks the product’s link and makes a purchase, the YouTuber earns a percentage of that purchase. That’s how Affiliate Links works.

The top paid YouTubers:

So, you are in wonder that what might be the earning of a YouTuber?

Well, hold your curiosity and be fascinated to know YouTube’s toppers and the ideas of their income streamline, which they earn yearly in approximate.

Follow up with the Top 10 YouTubers-

10. Smosh:

Net worth: $9 million

In 2005, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox started YouTube Channel Smosh. This Channel is one of the oldest and most-watched. The Channel has been viewed over 9.5 billion times so far, with over 25 Million Subscribers.

The owners of this Channel have become so popular worldwide that they opened multiple channels like Smosh GamesElSmoshSmosh France, and Smosh Pit. In November 2005, the Pokemon Theme Music Video released by the two owners became the earliest YouTube hits.

This video has over 24 million views and became the most viewed video on YouTube at a single time.

In 2017, Anthony Padilla left the Channel for other personal interests. In 2019, Rhett and Link’s Mythical Entertainment company bought Smosh. Both owners personal combined earning is $9 million as of 2021.

9. Lilly Singh

Net worth: $16 million

In 2010, Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh started her Channel Superwoman. The Channel became so popular that she opened another channel named SuperwomanVlogs; now Lilly Singh Vlogs. This Channel is all about her daily lifestyle shared publicly.

In 2020, she became so popular on YouTube. She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Media for a Daytime Program. Her other awards are MTV Fandom Awards for Social Superstar of the yearStreamy Awards for First Person, and People’s Choice Awards for Favorite YouTube Star.

Through YouTubing, she successfully makes a straight path into television & films. The character Kensey in The Simpsons is being voice acted by her. She became the host of a late-night talk show named A Little Late with Lilly Singh in 2019. Her YouTube videos have over 2 billion views. And she is being offered to do more films. Her net worth is now around $16 million.

8. Jake Paul

Net worth: $19 million

Jake Paul is a popular YouTube sensation for doing defunct vines. His Channel has bloomed over 20 Million Subscribers within a total of 6.8 billion views. With over 70 million views, his released music video It’s Everyday Bro became very popular within the first month.

Besides being a YouTuber, he has become a professional boxer. In addition, he acted in the television series named Bizaardvark. His wealth estimation is near around $19 million these days.

7. Logan Paul

Net worth: $19 million

Logan Paul is an Actor, a Boxer besides being a YouTuber, and is Jake Paul’s Elder Brother. In 2015, he started a YouTube Channel named Logan Paul Vlogs and became famous. The Channel has over 22 million subscribers and over 4.8 billion views.

His Channel mainly contains vlogs, pranks, and occasional attempts at music production. He acted in the television series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and also in Bizaardvark. In 2019, like his brother Jake Paul, he also became a professional boxer.

His wealth estimation is near around $19 million these days.

6. Evan Fong

Net worth: $25 million

YouTube Channel Vanoss Gaming, creator Evan Fong is a popular internet sensation for video gamingcommentary, and music producing. His Channel has montage-style videos of him and other players footage of playing different video games.

He has produced music under the name DJ Rynx, and he is also the creative director of the Dead Realm video game. Additionally, he has given his voice to the YouTube Premium series Paranormal Action Squad. His Channel has subscribers of over 25 million and in total view of 12 billion.

Besides YouTube, he is an Ice Hockey player. His Channel’s content earned him nominations for a Shortly Award for Tech and Innovation. In addition, he is a recognized figure in the sub-culture of video gaming commentary.

His wealth estimation is near around $25 million these days.

5. Mark Edward Fischbach (Markiplier)

Net worth: $28 million

YouTube channel Markipiler, owner Mark Edward Fischbach is famous for playing horror and indie video games like The Five Nights at Freddy’s series and Amnesia. In his Channel, he does live streaming of his game playing, campaigns, and collection of donations and charities.

While playing, he does exciting commentary, which includes yelling and swearing. His Channel has over 26 million subscribers and a total of 14 billion views.

His wealth estimation is near around $28 million these days.

4. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

Net worth: $30 million

YouTube channel PewDiePie, owner Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a popular vloggergamer; plays Horror and Action gaming while doing commentaries. His Channel has over 107 million subscribers and over 26 billion views in total.

His wealth estimation is near around $30 million these days.

3. Dude Perfect

Net worth: $30 million

If you are looking for sporting activities, athletic stunts, and tricks, you must follow Dude Perfect‘s YouTube channel. Here the Dude Perfect team plays different friendly natural sports. The Channel regularly features professional athletes and celebrities who love to work as a team or sometimes do single performances.

In 2011, the team launched a free mobile app named Dude Perfect and later upgraded the version of Dude Perfect 2. In 2016, the group aired a television series, The Dude Perfect Show, on CMT. The Channel has over 53 million subscribers and a total of 11.6 billion views.

The Channel’s wealth estimation is near around $30 million these days.

2. Daniel Middleton (DanTDM)

Net worth: $40 million

Daniel Middleton owns the YouTube channel DanTDM, a top UK YouTuber, popular gamer, and commentator. He plays Minecraft and other random video games. Forbes listed his Channel among the top and the highest holding YouTube stars, earned around $16 million in a single year.

In 2016, he released a graphic novel Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal. For a total of 11 weeks, it was the New York Times best-selling hardcover graphic novel. Besides playing, he also does community discord challenges and reaction videos. In addition, whenever he plays the Minecraft Hardcore series, he lives streams and twitches and posts updates on his Channel.

His wealth estimation is near around $40 million these days.

1. Ryan Toys Review

Net worth: $80 million

If you want to play with Kids Toys and get a review of any toys, then YouTube channel Ryan Toys Review will be your great attraction among all other channels. Ryan Kaji, born in 2011, a famous YouTube Kid Star, has over 25 million subscribers and a record of 2 billion views in a single video named Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge.

In his Channel, Ryan is always playing with different toys and unfolding new toys. His amusing childhood behavior has drawn viewers’ attraction towards his Channel. As a result, his Channel has become an advertising field magnet for many toy companies worldwide.

As Ryan is a kid, his parents supervise his Channel’s management. In 2019, his Channel had become the highest-paid youngest YouTuber by Forbes listings and earned $26 million in total. As the channel uploads new videos regularly, Ryan has become a star as an ambassador for Toy industries worldwide.

His wealth estimation is near around $80 million these days.

In conclusion, we learn:

  1. A Youtuber’s earning per view estimates in between $0.01 ~ $0.03. It means their earning comes around $3 ~ $5/1000 views. And their highest sum states as $ 5000 for 1,000,000 views, as an overall summary.
  2. Advertising through Google AdSense is the primary source of YouTube incoming, for example, different famous brands, Sponsorships, and different Affiliate links.
  3. YouTube only pays when you’ve received around $100 or more from the ads placed on your Channel and videos.
  4. Finding a proper niche, posting regularly, buying the right equipment, and achieving some good video editing skills will help you on your way to YouTube’s income journey.
  5. Famous YouTuber earnings can glide into the millions. For an example, “Channel- Ryan Toys Review”- a 7-year-old boy Ryan who is the highest-paid YouTuber in 2018, earned $22 Million in a single year.

So, start from now today! And make yourself useful by doing some good research form your YouTube journey which will let you earn successfully on YouTube.



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